Mount Macedon

Saturday 25th November. My youngest woke me up at 6:30am. Whyyyy?? Its the weekend kid, let mummy sleep in. Actually to be honest once I’m awake I cant go back to sleep but I set her up with her little tablet and some earphones and asked her to lay in bed while I wake up a bit. I layed in bed pondering where to go with the kids today as a lot of my trips are never planned I prefer random adventures, much more fun!

Once my son was up as well I chucked some snacks and water bottles in a backpack and set up my road trip playlist and we hopped in the car and were on our way to the Memorial cross reserve in Mt Macedon.  We live in Yarra glen so its a 77km trip so 1 hour and 30 mins total which is a nice trip down once you get out of the main traffic.

Once at the Memorial cross we went straight to the toilets as any mum with kids know that should be the first option before going on any walks. FYI the toilets there are pretty clean.

Now from the carpark the walk to the cross is pretty cruisy for kids. Its about 5 minutes and there’s also a small lookout called the Major Mitchell lookout which is quiet pretty just to the side as your walking up to the cross. The history of the cross is quiet good to read about also. We spent 15 minutes admiring the views and myself trying to give my children a history lesson about it. My son Tyson was interested but Keira my daughter was more excited about climbing the rocks surrounding it. Little rebel like her mother.

We headed back to the carpark and found a picnic table to sit down and have some lunch before we headed to our next spot in the area. About 9 minutes from the cross our next destination was the forest glade gardens. Now these gardens are not free entry but the $10 entry fee (kids are free) is well worth it. They give you a map to follow around the gardens with lots of nooks and crannies to explore as well. Lots of statues and sculptues and beautiful flowers and a big grass lawn area to lay down and read a book or have a picnic or even roll down the hills (loved doing that as a kid!) Did I do it. Hell yes I did and the kids loved it! My children really loved this garden place and didn’t want to leave, but we were all getting a little hot and tired and I just said the word “ice cream” and they were ready to go. We did want to visit another garden which was 5 minutes away but I didn’t want to tire them out too much as we were visiting friends that night also. So we will come back another time to visit as there is so much to explore up here you just have to wander around or if you prefer to plan then do a bit of research first.Hope You all enjoyed reading and if you enjoyed it please tune into our other future adventures.23843317_10208886491994111_571440466017772833_n23843520_10208886490634077_8108435209602907053_n23905195_10208886490154065_7915965007233305431_n23905324_10208886488834032_8832557630835328343_n.jpg23905666_10208886487153990_3231494902664247563_n.jpg23795913_10208886489114039_8357690715799366473_n.jpg24067955_10208886491634102_8555020137109307913_n.jpg




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