Late summer arvo in Marysville vic

3:30pm on a Wednesday arvo. Kids and I had been playing all day but I’d had enough of that for today. “Who wants to go on a new walk” I said. Without hesitation mt 2 children said “yes please!” . We thought we would just do a short one this afternoon as it had been hot and they were already starting to look tired. Marysville was our location and the walk was called “Beauty spot nature reserve” the name already sounded like a nice place to go. After a 40 minute drive from Yarra glen we had reached our destination. Kids were ready and having a look at the sign when my daughter let out a yell. She had been bitten by one of those nasty jumping jack ants đŸ˜” . Poor kid. Lucky mummy had a first aid kit in the boot to help take the sting away. After 5 mins when she was ready to walk we set off down the long loop track which was a 20-40 minute walk but we managed it in 25 minutes. Very kid friendly and lots of nature and birds to look at. My daughter Keira loved stopping and looking to read some of the facts of the walk along the way. My son Tyson wanted to come back and try the walk at night with a flashlight to see the possums and other creatures of the night. Definetly recommend if your after a nice short walk by yourself, with friends and kids. 

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