Summer hike

Today we set off to the you yangs national park. Approx 1 hour 30 mins drive from Yarra glen. My kids were given a scavenger hunt checklist for the roadtrip which they had to tick off road signs when they found them. Kept them busy, not once did I hear them complain. Once in you yangs we parked our car in a shady spot as it was a 30 degree day but the cool breeze was promising. There was 3 different walks I wanted my kids to choose from. Flinders peak walk. Black rock walk and east west walk. They chose the harder one because it contained obstacles that interested them. 4.5 km hike I thought ok this will give them a challenge. The start of the walk was already looking steep but they were keen to go. It was warm walking up but every now and them that beautiful cool breeze hit us and it was perfect. We had 3 stops by the time we were halfway up to rest little feet and have a snack and a drink and take in the amazing veiws and appreciate how beautiful it really was. By the time we were almost at the top, my daughter Keira had a bit of a fall and scraped her knee. But with only a few tears and a clean up of the sore and a few little lollies I’d had hidden in my bag as treats she was ready to keep going. The top of the walk was breathtaking with the cool breeze hitting our faces, we could of stayed there for ages just admiring what we had walked up. As we headed back down to our car we came across a massive rock that had a small cave like entrance underneath. We sat down there for a while to have another break and the kids had a bit of an explore. Once we had got to the bottom, Keira looked like she had enough for one day. My son Tyson wanted to try one of the other walks but I pulled the pin on it as I didn’t think Keira could handle anymore walking. We will go back another day and tackle the other walks. The east west walk is definitely worth the visit if you like a small challenge and a good workout on the legs 😊

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