What a workout on the Legs!

Happy australia day for us aussies here in Australia. I happened to have a child free day today so decided to have a crack at one of the harder hikes I wouldn’t take my kids on. Headed up to Montrose today to the end of Glasgow rd. There’s an old fire trail that heads up to the top of mount Dandenong (Bourkes lookout) that is pretty much all rocks and fairly steep. I’d say you would need a good level of fitness and lots of water to take with you. It’s only 2km to the top which takes about an hour but it will challenge your legs for sure. I stopped about halfway up where I could sit and rest the legs because I was feeling the burn. After a full bottle of water I continued on I was determined to finish this track. There was a lot of those little skink lizards scooting around which my kids would of loved but this walk would of been torture for them. Once at the top I was relieved to feel a bit of a cool breeze on my face and a shady spot to sit and admire the veiw and the accomplishment of the hike. The hike back down wasn’t too bad you just had to really watch your step in some places. I would recommend this walk to anyone who wants a good leg workout 👍. Check out my Instagram at roadtrippingmummy for more pics

1 thought on “What a workout on the Legs!

  1. Enjoying reading your blogs. Must try this walk ! ❤️


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