La la falls, Warburton

Happy Saturday everyone. I love weekends! So much opportunity for adventures away from work and school for the kids. We already had a crazy day of excitement as we just picked up our new staffy puppy this morning so been home most of the day getting him used to his new home. He’s so unbelievably cute, I can’t wait to be able to take him on a few little walks with us when he grows up a bit. Anyway after a crazy afternoon, my dear children were getting on my nerves a bit pacing the house acting like they were so bored son I figured we would get out of the house for a while. The weather was still nice and sunny so I decided warburton was our place to go. Plenty of walks in that area. Around 40 mins drive from where I live we arrived at La La falls car park. There was a few cars already there as I’ve heard it’s a popular walk. The first part of the walk was only a little steep with a few obstacles which the kids enjoyed. I loved how much greenery there was along the way and the smell of that rainforest type air and the sound of the water from the falls. The last part of the walk was also only a little bit steep but was worth the walk up to the waterfall. Was a little disappointed but should of known there wouldn’t be much water being summer and all so will definitely come back late winter or spring when there’s been more rain. I do love a good roar from waterfalls!!!

Good track to do with kids. Fairly shady from all the trees around. Good decent walk. Only takes about 1 hour return.

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