1000 steps. Leg day come at me! 🔥Feel the burn

So it’s Wednesday. Summer is over but the heat is still here. I love it! I have no work today, my kids are at school and my house is clean. I actually have some free time to myself and what better way for me to spend it being outdoors. I haven’t posted a hike/walk in a while due to the last few weeks being a little crazy with all of kid’s schooling and playdates and work and the list goes on! Any way I thought to myself I haven’t done the 1000 steps in a while only because that place just gets crazy busy every single day. There’s always so many walkers. Goes to show how popular and beautiful that place is. The 1000 steps (other wise known as the kokoda track) lies in the mount Dandenongs of beautiful Victoria. It’s surrounded by green rainforest and is well looked after. There are many other walks surrounding it but if your after a steep challenging walk this one hits the spot. Great for cardio and great on the legs. So I dropped my kidd off at school and headed straight there. Was lucky enough to get a car park and about a 20 minute head start before I saw any other walkers. The first part up is only a little steep with no stairs to get the body warmed up for what’s ahead. There’s a rest stop before you hit the stairs and then it’s game on from there. Roughly 40 mins (depending on your speed of walking) is all stairs till you reach the top. I thought I was doing amazingly well till probably the last 5 mins left as I reached thicker steeper steps and could feel the burn hitting my legs. I knew i had to be almost there so with every bit of energy and strength I had left, I sprinted to the top and was relieved it was done. Couldn’t believe how many were up the top sitting down, there was almost no where to sit and rest and have a drink. Once a few people left I sat down feeling accomplished, sweaty, hot but most of all happy. Being outside and just walking makes me feel fit and amazing. After 15 minutes I made my way back down, chatting to fellow walkers who looked very exhausted. I say good on you to everyone that gives this track a go. It does get easier the more times you do it! Also a shout out to my personal trainer Darren for pushing me to get fitter and stronger. Feel free to check out my Instagram roadtrippingmummy. Thanks for stopping by 💪👍

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