Bar on the river!

So remember when I was telling you that after my Yarra river walk I was going to go back to this bar I saw. The bar was called Arbory Afloat and let me tell you it is pretty amazing. It’s kind of like hopping onto a boat, you go down a ramp onto this bar and you can feel that its on the water. It’s so cool. But the cool part is not only is it looking out on the river and the city but it has lounge beds! I was like no way, I can lay out on a bed and eat and drink, this is too good to be real!!! But it was real it was like having a little getaway in Melbourne and just relaxing. Now I’m from the Yarra valley so we don’t get stuff like that where I’m from. So if you ever feel like just laying back and chilling and dreaming your on a holiday. Arbory Afloat is the place to be and costs Nothing! Unless of course you want a bite to eat and a refreshing drink. Someone say cocktails? Yes please!

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