Yarra river walk, Melbourne

Friday in sunny Melbourne. The perfect day 29 degrees, bit of Wind but no grey skies. I thought to myself no way am I not seizing the day and do nothing! So dropped the kids off at school and drove into Melbourne, though kinda wishing I had caught the train in instead because parking was a bit of a nightmare. Got to Southbank and off I strolled along the riverbank. It is one of the nicest walks you can do unless your not a fan of the busy city. To me it’s peaceful and you will find so many people just laying on the grass or seats and just taking in all the beauty. As you walk along you can see the many river cruise boats on the water, and even people kayaking. I passed a very cool looking bar/restaraunt that was on the water which I knew I was going back to after my walk. (Details in next post). I loved my morning walk, everything that I had going on in my mind disappeared and I felt at peace and happy. It’s amazing what the serenity of a beautiful place can do for your soul. Was a very good morning!

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